Hi guys! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted so I thought I keep you updated on what’s in the works. Recently I’ve been working with The Post Shop on some of their retail and pre-press work. It’s been an amazing experience seeing how much work goes into matching that image of the dress you’re buying to it’s color in real life. Or at least in a calibrated and standardized lighting environment. There are a few good books in the topic, but nothing beats a trained eye.



Here is a shot of my friend Johanna climbing at Mt. Diablo last weekend on a climb called Ozone (5.10c). It’s a great top rope for anyone wanting to climb a hard crack. Mt Diablo is one of a few outdoor trips I’ve been on with my camera in hand. Most of my time behind a camera when I’m outside in a beautiful setting trying to capture the experience and tell a story. The cover shot is a homemade ski jump on the side of Mt. Shasta. Having great (and great looking) friends around that are comfortable with my behind the camera antics really makes the images. It goes to show you the great treasures that are hidden in our backyard.

Stay tuned guys, I’m making an effort to keep you guys in the know and visually stimulated. Happy friday!