Hi everyone!

I just finished putting together the timelapses from my hike in the Sierra Nevada this summer. I hiked the John Muir Trail with my girlfriend (now fiance) for 18 days, averaging about 15 miles a day. We had a rest day that also allowed us to experience the beauty of the Rae Lakes basin before Glen Pass. Other locations include Marjorie Lake, Thousand Island Lake and various canyons in Sequioa National Park, King’s Canyon National Park, the John Muir and the Ansel Adams Wildernesses and of course Yosemite National Park.

For those of you looking for an adventure the trail begins in Yosemite and ends at the summit of Mt Whitney. It runs over 215 miles through never crossing a road; the majority of the trail is more than a days hike away from the nearest road, giving you a sense of isolation and discovery with each mile. I’m thankful to have experienced the trail, even if you have to carry everything you take with you. You can see the final contents of my pack in my last post. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think!