It’s holiday shopping time – when we start to look for the kinds of kit that will make our photographic lives easier in the coming year. I usually take a bevy of photos this time of year – my annual trek to meet my family happens to take place in Houston this year. I’m going out there early to take some outdoor photos in the surrounding country by Austin. I think there should be some great places to visit.

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas I wind up with more photos than I bargained for, but only when I’ve got the 5d Mark III dangling from my shoulder. I’ve tried a lot of variations to photograph my friends and family without the weight. First it was the Canon G12, a great little camera. I also bought a small Nikon mirrorless – great for rock climbing, but not very good in low light.

Finally I picked up the Canon M1. While a little heavier than the Nikon, it has an incredible set of lenses (the 10-22mm is superb, even if it not available in the US). I’ve been wanting to buy this camera for a while, and will post a review once I get my hands on it. Amazon has it on sale for $120 off, not bad for a camera capable of replacing a DSLR. Here is the link: Shop Amazon – Up to $120 Off the New Canon EOS M3 Mirrorless Camera