Its official, we are now Smeets Studios

Its official, we are now Smeets Studios

Ever since we’ve moved to Hong Kong we’ve been looking to expand our offerings beyond photography. Recently we’ve been producing and shooting videos of traditional breakfasts for a San Francisco-based news organization and retouching for big commercial ventures working on really cool stuff. So, we’ve decided to expand our name to match our production skills. We can

Breakfasts Of The World: South China

'Oil tea' is like a mix of soup and cereal to warm you up in the morning! What else is for breakfast in South China? Watch our video from the city of Guilin to find out! #BreakfastsOfTheWorld

Posted by b-yond tv on Saturday, April 15, 2017

Along with our expanded video production capabilities, we are also creating more varied types of content. Check out our stock offerings on Alamy. We’d also be happy to shoot anything adventure related. We also have a huge archive (I’ve been sorting and making it searchable for a year now) so if you need a shot from the Sierras to Xian it’s likely we have something that’s never been published before.

Also stay tuned for some funny rock climbing videos as we try to impress with our athletic abilities.

Oh, and follow our Instagram if you haven’t already, it’s chock full of interesting slices of our travels around asia and the world.

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